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Race Details

Setup Details
• City Approval must come from the board of works, 3 months before the race. Patty Setzler is the contact.

Also need Porter County approval from the commissioners. The contact is Melissa Harting. Also need approval from Walden through 1st American Management Co.
3408 Enterprise Ave.
Valparaiso, Indiana 46383
Re: Walden Home Owners Association
• Police Department at 462-0717 We need 2 officers, one to lead and one at Harrison and Campbell. Mike Dehaven. Contact the PC Sheriff.
• Public Works Department at 462-4612. We need 150 cones and 20 barricades, No Parking Signs. To be picked up by Bob Jones.
• Fire Department at 462-8328
• EMS at 219-462-8325. Scott Arnold -
• Porta-potties Service Sanitation, 135 Blane ST Gary IN 46406 219-949-7000 Our customer number is 50-9917
• Disc Jockey for race day. Jerry Wyatt $150
• 1900 small water cups needed
• Radio One will have the Cruiser out at 7:30 AM to play music and lead race. Set-up through Tom Lounges at 462-6111, cell at (219) 781-9131.

Bib numbers at Order number REF-090212-3411

Race Day Details
• Bell to start race –

• Ladder for the start.
• Stop watches for split timers – from Josh Buell
• Signs for the mile marks – Ruth to find.
• Microphone for the start, From the Striders – Cassandra? – Still exist? Need back-up plan
• Hotel for Race Timer – done.
• Enough bibs and pins - ok
• Bags to put the goodies in on race day. They are from “Runners Word” - in Ruth’s office
• Water by the start line before the start.
• Reflective vests from popcorn office. We own our own, and we have signs for “Race in Progress”
• Snow fence from Parks Department. We have a commitment for 250 feet.
• Notification of the churches in the local area. done
• Request start-up money for registration day. done
• Water for the water stop, with cups. Form North Coast
• Small and large gym tables. Need 5 more tables - Water stop.
• 5-2 way radios for communications from Bob Jones
• Boxes for race day packet pick-up - Ryan Trader?
• Picture volunteer - Denise inside, Kyle outside.
Food Details
• Town and Country Market - 3 Cases of Apples, 4Cases of Oranges, 5 Cases of Bananas – See Howie - Missy to follow-up
• Papa Johns Pizza - 20 Pizzas for all runners
• Domino’s will provide - 30 More pizzas? Need a back-up plan.
• Dairy Queen - 600 Cups of DQ, 300 from the south location and 300 from the north location. Missy to pick up. Store at Aldi’s overnight.
• Panera Bread - 72 Bagels, Linda Cutter, 7am pickup. Missy to pick up.
• Water from Netnitco. Missy will need a hand picking up. Dave Ahner will contact Dr Sommer to see if he can provide water.
• Coffee – Jay will provide.
• Wiseway gift certificate. We will use for what we need for food on race day.
Shirt Details
• Graphic 22 921-0868 or 921-5409 Iian Hursey – order placed. Need someone to do QA on bag stuffing that Adrian did last year.
Award Details
• Evans Plaques & Promotions, Kameli D. Dogruyol , 603 E. Lincolnway, Valparaiso, IN 46383 ph. 219.464.9385
• 2 Plaques for overall with bells
• 2 Plaques for masters
• 1 per 5 entrants per age group
• Top 3 teams
• Need volunteers for the finish line
• Who is assigning the volunteers

Information Table Questions
• I signed up for run and want to walk.
• I signed up for the walk and want to run – OK We’ll change you. And the other way too.
• I have wrong size shirt
• I pre-registered but I don’t find my name on the wall
• My name spelled wrong
• Where does my bib go? In Front
• Do I have to put a predicted time down No, but you won’t get scored in the walk
• Where are results posted at the Y and where do I go on line to find Lobby and go to website – See the registration sheet
• Can I order a shirt? No
• My bib number doesn’t match what is in my packet?
• I pre-registered and don’t have a packet. Hopefully Jodi can look it up.

Race Course
• Where do we want the police stationed
• Critical corners
• Where do the barricades go?
• When do we brocade Washington Street? Will need to setup the finish and start areas.
• When do we brocade Campbell Street? 9:00 to 9:40 Should we put up signs about this?
• Who’s trucks are we going to use to set out the cones, and when? Who?
• Shag wagon?
• Need to assure the riche shirt is in the right packet.
• All information to go in packets needs to be at Y no later than 5PM