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While slalom water skiing on Pine Lake on September 12th of 2005, I suffered a tibial plateau fracture combined with a tearing of three of the four ligaments the hold the lower left knee together.The fracture was caused as a result of centrifugal force exerted on my knee during the cut like in the picture next.The failure has been determined to be caused by osteopenia.

My Ski Boat

Sept 13,2005

Hi All, On Monday I was water skiing in Laporte when I fell and injured my left knee. As it turns out it is a mess I have fractures of the knee, torn the LCL, the PCL, and torn the meniscus. I will require some specialized surgery to repair all of this damage, so that I can get back to running. I don’t know what or when the surgery will occur. I have a great deal or swelling that has to go down first.

Below you can see what WEBMD has to say about all of this. I will keep you all informed as to when my surgery will be and how I am progressing,

October 2, 2005

I am sorry I haven’t given you an update lately. You see the last two weeks haven’t been very much fun. On the 19 I had surgery. As it turns out the problems with my knee were much more severe that we thought. When they opened me up they found that I had lost 3 ligaments, the LCL, PCL and the ACL, as well as having the tibia crushed into the femur, so the surgery to repair all of this took between 2 & and 3 hours.

Actually they didn’t fix the PCL. They think it may fix itself. They want me the heal and see how it does. What they actually did was a bone graft to fix the tibia with a plate bolted in place to hold it all together. The LCL was repaired by replacing it with a cadaver LCL and the ACL was just repaired.

I spent 2 days in hospital. For the first 24 hours I learned just what pain is. I was getting morphine every 45 minutes. The pain has gradually gone away this last Wednesday I was finally able to go off of the pain meds.

Friday I went back the Dr Bush Joseph and had my staples removed. He X-rayed the joint and all is well. I am on the way back! I have permission the move the joint up to 45 degrees and I start therapy on Tuesday. It will be about 5 more weeks before I can walk without crutches, but things are a lot better! Most of the pain is gone! I can sit in a chair for more than 10 minutes. The Dr has outlined a 24 week program to get me back to a jog.

I am very lucky! I did have some nerve damage, but the first aid that we did probably saved my nerve. You see I was very close to loosing my leg, and it look like I will have a full recovery! I may still have to have the PCL repaired. They said that is not a major problem if I do.
I wanted to give you all an update. Yesterday, I was referred to Dr. Bush-Joseph in Chicago. It is my understanding that he does work for the Chicago Bulls and Bears. I met with them in the afternoon and have been placed in a brace that I can bend my knee. One of the Doctors said that “motion is lotion”. Surgery is scheduled for Monday in Chicago. They will repair the LCL and the fracture. The goal is to have me up and walking without crutches in 4 to 6 weeks. This is better than I was told here in Valpo, which was as long as 3 months. After the surgery I will be put in a brace again that I can been my knee and start rehab right away.

I thought you would like to know,

October 9, 2005

Today is the Chicago Marathon, a race I have run 14 times continually since 1991. Here I am with a broken knee and a leg in a brace. I am entered and a member of the OE team, and have completed 5 previous marathons this year. I don’t want to loose the start anyway of this years race, so what I have done is gone into Chicago on the OE team bus, and started the race on crutches. I have 15 starts!

Statring the 2005 Chicago Marathon

Nov 4, 2005

I went to Dr. Bush Joseph, my Knee surgeon, today and had some good news. My bone has healed! I have 90 degrees flexion in my knee and no longer need the brace and I can start getting rid of the crutches, a process that will take about a week to ten days. He has given me permission to bike and swim, Although the biking will be tough until I can get enough flexion to actually go around on the crank. One thing I’ll need to do is build strength in my legs. I’ve lost a lot! It will be a slow process.

The Dr. would like to see me again in 6 weeks, he expects to see 120 degrees of flexion. If he doesn’t then he says he need to do some surgery to remove some scar tissue. Therapy will be very important over the next few months to gain that flexion.

Today, it is all good news though. I can’t wait to get rid of the crutches!

Dec 10, 2005

As of today I am walking with a slight limp, but no aids, for short distances. I work out 6 days a week and go to therapy 3 days a week for 2 hours. A week ago I was at 115 degrees of flexion so that look like it is on target. I still have a lot of pain when I am on my feet for some amount of time. I guess that will go away with time.

My workouts consist of 3 to 4 days a week of elliptical for 30 to 40 minutes, biking for about 2 hours a week, 3 10 minutes of Stairmaster, and 3 days a week of upper body strength training. I am also swimming 1/2 mile a week.

Me with Stitches and the Running Class

Dec 16, 2005

Today, I went to see Dr. Bush Joseph. He took X-rays of my knee and checked it for tightness. The X-rays showed that the knee bone fracture was 100% healed. The knee was also tight and not in need of any additional repair of the ligaments. My flexion in therapy is 118 degrees or about where he would expect it to be.

I still have a limp which is being caused from just general weakness. He said the be aggressive in therapy and the best thing that can be done is to bike to increase flexion. Come back in 3 months.

Dec 23, 2005

Today was a good day, I have finally been able to gained enough flexibility in my knee to drive the Mazda RX-7.

Dec 27, 2005

Well, today I tried my bike. What an experience! It takes a lot more flexion in my knee to turn over the bike pedals than does it take a stationary bike, they are just too adjustable. I was able to do it, but boy was it painfull. I rode about 4 miles and had to come back. It was good to be back out on it.