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Schedule for race development:

Develop entry form and

Obtain major sponsors - To be complete by the end of the year

Entry form printed to be completed by mid January 16th.

  • All sponsorship complete about two week before race start, about March 23rT-Shirt order placed about two week before race start, about March 23rd.
  • Entry Fee increase after T-shirt order is placed
  • T-shirt order delivered April 4th.
  • Race is scheduled for April 7th


          Chairs are as follows:

          Sponsorship - Karen Vogelsang with Missy assisting

              • Karen Vogelsang is on the committee for sponsorships. She asked Mike to send her a list of runners so she could see who might own businesses, etc and would be inclined to sponsor. She asked what our goal was, and about the letter to give to sponsors. A list of last year sponsors was gone over with Mike agreeing to email her with all of his information. Mike will contact Bob Urschel for a donation as he does yearly. Also, Karen wanted to know how else people can help as we raised the amounts to be uniform with other YMCA functions. She wanted to know about gifts in kind such as water, fruit, granola, etc. She will report back at next meeting.

              • Kathy spoke of sponsorship and we have new categories this year. They are Diamond of $5,000.00 and there will be only 1 sponsor and that will be Porter.

              Gold will be $2500.00, Silver will be $1,000.00, and $300.00 for Friend of the YMCA. Kathy is drafting a letter to go out to people who will be working on getting sponsorships for this event. Each level of sponsorship will have values listed.

              ·Karen V spoke about sponsorship and is drafting a letter. Ruth is handling sponsorship from Culvers. Karen will send out letter, and will make personal phone calls. Mike Jones already has spoken to some individuals about sponsorship.

              ·Karen suggested to offer a sponsorship for $100.00 to a family who then would see a sign posted on the course with their name on. Ie: The Brown Family supports Ringing In Spring or something like that. This would allow more sponsorships since we have raised our amounts to match other YMCA functions.

              ·We have Porter and Urschel for $5000 each, Nutrishop for $2500, Radio One for an in kind Gold sponsorship, and Thorgren for $1000 making total sponsorship of $13,500.

              Course - Sam Langley

              • Mike opened meeting with discussion on whether to do a 5K by itself, and or a 5k plus a 10K. Sam and Dave did some research and presented their findings.

              With much discussion it was decided that we would offer both races. At present the 5K is part of the Gold Cup and Mike was checking to see if we could make the 10K part of the Gold cup and the 5K would be the secondary race.

              • Discussion centered upon changing the course to start closer to the pavilion which we will use this year. Adam, Dave and Sam will work on course.We also discussed adding another race so we would have a 5K and 10K and maybe due a loop, which would help in having more volunteers.

              • When we get course finalized with Adam, Sam and Dave we then can have it recertified and do both routes at the same time.

              ·Mike opened the meeting and Todd Henderlong spoke about Timing a 5K and 10K. Discussion arose and we have committed to doing it so he will get with Sam, Mike, Dave and determine the course as well as where his timing mats need to be. He stated the Turkey Trot had 23 people get in wrong race, etc. The course committee was meeting following the meeting to determine the course. Mike is to get the course certified within the next 2 weeks so we can post the course on website, put on brochure, and notify the following for permission, County, City, and Walden.

              ·Course measured and awaiting certification papers.

              Start/Finish - Dave Ahner

              Shirts- Adam

              ·Shirts is headed by Adam who was unable to attend. Group discussed going to a better shirt. We spoke of the shirts that we had many years back that were very expensive, but very well received. We would like to have Adam check into a shirt that is better than the A4, which is what we currently use. Mike suggested going with the Sugoi again, however some felt that we couldn’t make any money as the shirts were so expensive.

              Awards - Lucas

              • Awards would be only 3 deep.

              • Discussion also centered upon only having 3 places for each age division.

              ·Lucas is handling awards and is working with Kathy Catania. Hopefully the logo on the brochure, shirt and award can all be the same. With the new branding we have some specific instructions to follow. Kathy is assisting as she has the knowledge to follow the correct criteria.

              • Samples Attached

              Entry Form Kathy

              • Prices stay the same whether you do a 5K or a 10K. It was also stated the walk would stay a prediction walk and only for the 5K. Also it was decided we would need three different color of bibs. One for walkers, one for 5K and one for 10 K. Teams will only be allowed for the 5K.

              • Lee then spoke about the brochure and things that needed to be changed. Some changes ere the date for cut off and that would be March 26th. It was also decided at last meeting and confirmed this meeting that there will be a $10.00 surcharge for entering the day of the race. Split times will be at all mile markers. Under perks it will say gear rather than coat check. Runner awards would only need one column with the breakdown. On the sample Lee had prepared we need a benefit statement. The statement that was used as a sample was Beyond Limits. Lee will send an email out to all members and ask for suggestions.

              • Kathy spoke about the new branding of the YMCA and showed a sample of what we could do for the shirt. She said the design stays the same yearly, however colors can change. She also ran a copy of the brochure and passed around. She had a sample so we could better understand how it would look on the shirt. She explained that the Y’s nationwide will all use the same thing.

              • Mike opened discussion on discounts and there will only be one discount per registration. It will state only 1 club discount. The discount for Gold Cup will be $3.00, the same as CARA. We will remove combination of family/team and club discount.

              • Fee structure also changed before date will stay the same, and then after date until Thursday night at midnight the fee will go up $5.00 and there will be no registration on Friday. Saturday race day the fee will be $30.00 for all.

              ·Lee and Kathy are working on the brochure. Lee and Mike were to work out the final details and also work on the benefit statement. Marilyn Ahner offered some suggestions for benefit statement. All people to submit their ideas to Lee Baker at and then an email will be sent with the choices and the one with the most votes will be the benefit statement.

              ·Karen Nagel is to get with Mike to update the mailing list and she will do data entry with Chuck assisting. She is to let him know when she needs him to help. Jan 16 brochures need to be in the hands of Calumet Striders to go in their newsletter. This means the brochures have to be completed, and printed by Jan 11th.

              ·The entry form is at Home Mountain for printing.

              Data entry - Karen Nagel with Chuck assisting

              Volunteers - Marilyn, Ruth, and Jodi

              ·Marilyn, Ruth and Jodi will work on packet pickup, (2 stations one for 5K and one for 10K), race day registration as well as the volunteers.

              Building - Ruth

              ·Ruth didn’t have anything for building as of yet. We still will need gym for packet pickup, and race day registration. This would be on Friday night and also on Saturday till the race starts. This year the race will start outside the pavilion and we will use the pavilion for awards, etc.

              Food leader still needed

              • Food was discussed and decided that we would only do water, fruit, granola at finish line to eliminate all the different types of food and having to have people serve it, etc. Logistics are becoming more involved with more participation.

              ·Food person, parking persons are still needed. Jodi mentioned she would like the leader of each section to give her a list of whom they have had repeat yearly, and how many total volunteers they would need. Ruth stated Eric Fleming will be back and maybe could help with food. Ruth to talk to Tim Sullivan and see if he would head up parking.

              Registration leader still needed

              Parking coordinator still needed

              Packet Pick up Coordinator

              TO DO ITEMS:

              1. Contact the USATF Course Certifier - Dave and Sam - Measured

              2. Race approval city – Mike - Complete

              3. Race approval county – Mike - Complete

              4. Race Approval Walden – Mike - Complete

              5. Apply to CARA – Mike - Complete

              Minutes from Gold Cup Meeting on November 30, 2011

              Michele Hale brought the meeting to order and thanked Mary Zemansky for an outstanding 6 year Gold Cup Chairman.

              Mary got up and talked about the perfect race and listed are some comments:

              *Be creative and have a great application.

              *For the newsletter that is sent out we need 800 brochures folded in half only to be taken to Opportunity Enterprises prior to Jan 16th so that our race applications go to all the members of the Gold Cup.

              *She asked on application have 70-74-, 75-80, and over 80 would like to have their own divisions.

              *Also please list awards, deadlines for receiving a shirt, discounts clearly marked.

              *Directions should be place so that they are not on the tear off portion that is returned if you use a paper application.

              *Some things to think about prior to race is insurance not only for a special event, but race director insurance as well as board members insurance.

              *Porta potties are 1 porta pottie for every 50 participants.

              *Slow runners in back so as not to interfere with the elite runners and get trampled.

              *Mile splits being called out loudly so participants can hear. No using cell phones once race has begun, unless an emergency.

              *Suggested to have someone other than race director to ride in lead car and can handle anything that might happen before runners get there. Also, have a car or truck that can take mile markers out to the areas where they do the splits and drop off. Some people even take the course monitors out to their spot and an example was to have a sign at each area that you put a course monitor so everyone can tell the race course. ( Bright orange laminated)

              *Water stop is at 1.5 mark and use 6 ounce paper cups filled only half full. Have them ready and stagger people so there is no bottle neck etc. NO PLASTC CUPS

              At finish line have water ready. This is a must

              *Refreshments use stations or at finish line have bags with fruit in each bad that can be handed to each runner/walker along with water at finish line. Food suggestions were raisins, snack bar, cookies, apples, oranges, banannas, etc.

              *Results- Age group so can be spotted easily and not a bottle neck to see where you place and mark 5 K Run 5K Walk 10 K run and list age groups for each. If posting use a bigger font so easier to read as many have glasses for reading and don’t run with them.

              Post away from finish line so that it doesn’t bottleneck at finish.

              *Have a course marshall at finish line to keep people going through the chute and not stopping to talk etc.

              *Mike brought up weight for Athena and Clydsdale and Michelle informed us in Chicago it starts at 130 pounds. She goes back and forth with doing age group and then the Atena’s &Athena/ Clydsdale should have their own separate results as well.

              *Raffle Good idea but when we use T&Htiming they suggested we use their random drawing and assign prizes using this method and then posting names on a board. This way this doesn’t interfere with awards and people can see if they won an item. The Hub Run does this and it works out quite well and people look forward to this.

              *Awards It was asked when to do awards and it is nice to wait until the end. It depends on the size of the race. A 300 vs 2,000. Also suggested on awards to put age group even of only a piece of paper.

              *Clean up It was suggested you have a human chain to sweep the course and make sure everyone is off the course.

              T&Htiming, Todd spoke to the group. The following are his comments

              *Shirts are important and there should be a deadline so people know they may not get a shirt if they wait till after the deadline.

              *Todd can do no shirt fee on his registration, and when he tallied his amounts for shirts daily if her ran out of small he took that off website.

              *He can set up online registration if need be. Gold Cup must be marked on the entry form. He can fix a link to our site if ever needed.

              *There is a participant link so one can see if they are registered so they don’t keep calling the race director to see if their name is on the list.

              *Todd has purchased a 500 watt system so everyone can hear his remarks and can be rented by our facility for usage. It was so loud that someone wrote a rude comment on his trailer at the high school.

              Other Comments were given by Lisa Moreno, Public Relations Chair

              *There is a face book page and also on channel 56 a blurb can be put on by the publicity person for Gold Cup or also by our public relations person.

              *If there is a last minute change using facebook and web is a great resource.

              *To certify the course Steve Kearney can do who is part of Gold Cup and also one other person that does the Campagna race. Mike will contact them to certify our race.

              *Michelle Hale spoke of Strider Bucks and I have a printout so can share each year with people collecting money. Strider Bucks are for those who work a race and can be used as part of their entry fee for a race. Also, the striders were at all of the races except for a couple so those strider bucks can be turned into them and they will write a check for them at the race so the race director can have their monies almost immediately.

              *Sue Brown Nickerson talked about insurance and gave us samples of how to obtain USATF sanction and insurance and also RCC and we were given a person’s name if we have questions that they can answer. We have to show proof of insurance.

              Mary, Michelle, and Sue all gave handouts with information and also comments that they receive following a race. As Mary put it, there are those who make great comments and like the event, and there are those who don’t like the event. Michele also gave us sample of strider bucks so we know what they look like and can share with people collecting monies for the entry fees.

              It was a very good meeting and Mike and I both enjoyed the meeting. We want to adhere to the Gold Cup policies as they are all in place for a reason and we want to achieve the highest standard as that sets us apart from other races. There is only so many gold cup races and we are proud to be one of those races.

              Meeting Minutes 11/15/11

              We got into a discussion of the Athena and Clydesdale divisions. Also note the Dave and Sam are going to contact the certifier for the changes to the course.

              Persons attending: Karen V, Karen N. Sam L, Dave and Marilyn Ahner, Mike J, Lee B., Adam P. Lucas, and Ruth

              Marilyn came up with an idea of asking different classes in the Y to put together teams, whether to run or walk and maybe have a prize. It was also suggested that we give away some gifts that have been donated by merchants after the race awards which we did in 2011. It seemed to make people happy and kept people around as you had to be present to win. Karen V. did suggest a 50/50 raffle, however we would need to check with Deb K. before doing so.

              Ruth reported that Eric Fleming will again help but is unable to attend meetings at this time. He will be back in the middle of December.

              December 14th will be the next meeting at 6 p.m.. Karen will bring pizza. Marilyn has provided treats the last two meetings and also Mike brought the M and M’s which we all love.

              Meeting of October 24, 2011

              Ringing In Spring meeting called to order by Mike Jones at 6 p.m. in board room on Oct. 24th. Those present were Karen Nagel, Sam Langley, Kathy Catania, Lee baker, Mike Jones, Marilyn Ahner, Chuck Gutzwiller, Missy Donovan, Karen Vogelsang, Adam Piaskowy, Lucas Eklund-Baker, and Ruth Cavanaugh.

              Those not present were Eric Fleming, Jodi Jackson, Kari Bukur, and Carrie Koch

              Minutes of RIS Meeting Dec 14, 2011

              Attending: Todd, Marilyn, Dave, Karen V., Karen N., Chuck, Lee, Ruth, Sam, Lucas, Jodi